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2021 23rd China Northeast International Automobile Warranty Testing diagnostic Equipment Exhibition.

Venue: Shenyang International Exhibition Center (9 Sujiatun District Exhibition Road, Shenyang)

Shenyang City focused on the cultivation of the exhibition.

Time: April 24-26.

Sponsored by: Northern Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd.

【The scope of the exhibition】

Automotive maintenance equipment, automotive tire-related products, automotive tire repair equipment and products, automotive testing equipment, automotive spraying equipment, coatings and maintenance products, automotive beauty maintenance equipment and products, automotive maintenance tools, automotive maintenance special machine tools, automotive maintenance teaching aids, oil row purification systems, automotive environmental protection and energy-saving products, automotive electronics, automotive safety supplies, automotive service chain management.

【Buyer Invitation Plan】

High-quality buyers are a strong guarantee of the effectiveness of the exhibition! The organizing committee has a mature buyer invitation group, established in 2010, which specializes in collecting and studying customer group data in the Northeast, one-on-one buyer invitations, buyer tracking, direct mail invitations, mass mailings and SMS invitations.

Pre-exhibition: by telephone, mail inglising materials, mail group mail, text messages and other forms to build bridges with buyers, and issue disinvitations.

Exhibition: to provide the most detailed services for buyers, to facilitate the on-site transaction.

After the exhibition: return visit sourcing with customers, trade pairing after the exhibition, timely provision of information for the next exhibition.

【Focus! Effective, three-dimensional publicity and promotion plan】

With many years of successful lying large-scale exhibition experience and grasp of industry information, the organizing committee has developed an effective and complete publicity and promotion plan. From the exhibition preparatory stage, one after another launched various publicity campaigns, not only to further improve the quality of professional visitors to the exhibition, but also can effectively spread the exhibition information to the industry for the first time. Through outdoor wall advertising, magazine media, mass media, B2B website, the establishment of official websites, Baidu promotion and other channels, to carry out a systematic, comprehensive publicity work, the exhibition information will be the most accurate and fastest transmission.

New media use

1. Professional media and nearly a hundred professional media to establish long-term, stable, close cooperation, exhibition information to be accurate, fast transmission, support the media. China Auto Insurance Network, Auto Repair Network, Automotive Supplies Network, Automotive Maintenance and Repair Network, HUI Cong Auto Repair Network, China Automotive Network, China Tire Business Network, China Auto Parts Network, China Auto Distribution Network, China Automotive Beauty Network, Jinxuan Auto Insurance Network, Eight-Lane Auto Insurance and Auto Parts Network China Auto Parts Portal Network, China Automotive Repair Network, World Automotive Network, China Automotive Industry Information Network, 51 Automotive Network, China Motor Repair Network, China Motor Vehicle Network , automotive repair technology network, China Auto Insurance Network, Global Auto Parts Procurement Network, Dongguan Auto Repair and Accessories Network, 51 Repair Network, 21st Century Automotive Network, Qingfeng Shadow Automotive Supplies Network, Auto Parts 110 Network, China Express Repair Equipment Network, China Auto Repair Network, Automotive Maintenance Network, Kato U-Auto Insurance Network, Boutique Auto Insurance, China Auto Insurance, Automotive Repair and Maintenance, Automotive And Driving Repair Technicians, Automotive And Driving Repair Technicians, Automotive Repair Technicians, Automotive And Driving Technicians

2. The mass media cooperate with the Shenyang Daily, Liaoning Daily, Jilin Daily, Heilongjiang Daily, Liao Shen Daily, Times Business Daily, Liaoning TV, Liaoning Radio, Shenyang Net, Car TV Advertising and other mass media, leading to a wave of publicity before the exhibition.

3. Multiple rounds of telephone, sMS, mailing invitation, through a one-to-one way to the exhibition information in the target group in a straight line transmission, direct, active is its biggest feature.

Exhibiting procedures

After receiving the invitation, the exhibitors can apply directly to the Northern Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co. , Ltd. , the exhibitors complete the exhibiting contract, after the unit seal approval to take photos sent to Liu Xiuli WeChat, after the booth is determined, please the exhibitors pay 50% of the pre-order. After receiving the deposit to determine the exhibition booth, the organizing committee and retain the booth, the remainder of the booth please be paid by January 18, 2021.

Collection unit: Liaoning North Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.

Account bank: Guangfa Bank Co., Ltd. Shenyang three good branch.

Account number: 9550880212622300184.

【Booth Fee Charges】

Main exhibition hall E4, E1, W4, W1 Pavilion: standard booth 7000 yuan / double opening or three-opening standard booth 7700 yuan / each;

E3, E2, W3, W2 Hall: standard booth 6000 yuan / double opening or three-opening standard booth 6600 yuan / each;

Note: The basic configuration of the standard booth includes: three-sided (or two-sided) display board, one Chinese board, two spotlights, a table and two chairs, a 5A/220V socket, carpet and lunch.

Exhibitors/visits please contact us

Northern Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. (Executive Vice President of the Hardware Electrical and Mechanical Industry Chamber of Commerce, Liaoning Province and Shenyang City)

Address: Shenyang Peace Zone, 93 Three Good Street, Jinyuan Building 5F.

Phone: 024-23974769.

Contact: Liu Xiuli 13804040384 13516096801.

WeChat: dbqbz2017 

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