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Fault determination method of automobile diagnostic equipment.

If our car breaks down, it's hard for us to accept it. To prevent minor problems, we can first determine if there is a fault and if we need to repair it when we start or stop driving. If we're not very good at using equipment such as automotive diagnostic equipment for a series of inspections, here's a way to judge our car's faults.


First, after start-up: predict the vehicle failure.


Self-testing before a car starts is just one step in keeping driving safe. In the car idle speed and driving process, the driver should also fully mobilize their own vision, smell and hearing, correctly study whether the vehicle is faulty.


When starting the engine, the driver should pay attention to the battery, fuel volume, water temperature and other indicators on the car's dashboard. Under normal circumstances, these indicators are lit and switched off for a short period of time, indicating that the car's battery is operating normally, that there is sufficient fuel, and that the engine's coolant temperature is reasonable.


If the battery indicator continues to turn on while driving, there is a problem with the car's battery and needs to be replaced, and the driver needs to stop driving immediately, waiting for the water temperature to be normal and the indicator to go off before restarting.


Drivers should be aware of any strange noises in the vehicle after the vehicle has been moved. Some older drivers can be very sensitive to abnormal noise in the car, by dealing with abnormal situations in a timely manner, to avoid leading to major accidents. In general, the vehicle appears strong sound, accompanied by obvious vibration, most of which is a major fault, should stop immediately, find out the cause, troubleshoot. Take the abnormal sound of braking as an example, the car brake emits a shrill scream, which is often abnormal signal of the brake system, the owner should go to the workshop to check the brake disc and so on.


The smell of a car is also a symptom of a car maintenance failure, especially in summer, when the driver smells a strange smell, should stop for immediate inspection. In general, cars emit scorching, odor, plastic and other pungent odors, which are usually part of the car's unusual wear. The thick scorching flavor is usually the clutch friction plates with scorching damage or the handbrake not loosening.


Second, before driving: self-test tire oil.


Before the car starts, drivers can reduce the likelihood of driving failure by testing tire pressure, fuel, etc.


The quality of automobile tires has a direct impact on driving safety. Therefore, before driving, the owner first to observe the shape of five tires (including spare tyres) to determine the condition of the tyre. When tire losses increase in summer, owners can also develop a good habit of regularly self-testing tire pressure.

More accurate tire pressure can also be measured using a simple tire pressure gauge. By comparing this value with the reference tire pressure on the door frame or on the side of the door, we can see if the tire pressure is correct. If the tyre pressure is too high or too small, the car with the tire is not suitable for long-distance travel and needs to drive to the service station to adjust the tyre pressure.


Engine lubricants are known as the "blood" of the car, it can lubricate, clean, cool, seal, reduce wear and so on. If there is too little oil, it can cause damage to the internal components of the car engine. Too much oil can have adverse effects such as carbon deposition, high fuel consumption, and high engine resistance.


In view of the high amount of oil used in the summer, car owners should pay special attention to whether the amount of oil is sufficient, usually before driving the owner should remove the dipstick from the cabin, wipe and insert it back to the original place, and then pull out the amount of oil, to see if the position of the oil between the upper and lower boundaries. If the oil is in the middle, the amount of fuel in the car is in an ideal state.


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